A typical heart disease symptoms in women

Symptoms of heart disease are not always the same in women with men. If it is not recognized by the woman and her doctor, this difference may harm women who suffered from heart disease.

In a standard Cardiology textbook, most of the discussion is to the description of symptoms generally appear if someone experienced heart disease. In most cases, the symptoms of the "General" it turns out it is the description of the symptoms commonly experienced by men.

However, even though many medical textbooks may be considered symptoms of heart disease in women include "rare", in reality, there are many more women who died of heart disease than men at this time. So perhaps a more statistically correct is a symptom of heart disease at the man is who can say "rarely".

If you're a woman, who are experiencing symptoms that may be associated with heart disease, you should visit a doctor. Here are a few ways to differentiate symptoms in men and women.


Angina is not always the same as the chest pain in women. Angina is usually described as depressed as chest pain may spread to the jaw or shoulders, and these symptoms in men are also the same. However, many women with angina will report a sensation of heat or burning or tender to the touch, which may occur in the back, shoulders, arms, or jaw. In addition, they often do not experience the problem on the chest at all, so they will rarely suspect heart disease as the cause.

A careful physician will dwell on the possibility of angina on patients (male or female) that outlines any discomfort anywhere above the waist, which appeared when the activity is heavy.

However, because too many doctors still believe that coronary artery disease is rare in women, they may consider such symptoms as muscle pain and bone, or digestive problems, or even emotional disturbances.

Furthermore, women are much more susceptible than men to angina coronary artery while they seem "normal" during cardiac catheterization. They are often told that the symptoms they experience are only caused by gastrointestinal disorders (or worse, that their symptoms are just in mind), while in fact, they have a significant heart problem.

Heart attack

Heart attack and acute coronary syndrome may also be different in women than men. Usually, the woman who had a heart attack may experience nausea, vomiting, indigestion, short of breath, or just tired of sudden and extreme-but did not experience chest pain.

Unfortunately, the doctor easily connects those symptoms with other illnesses. Women also are more easily affected by myocardial myocardia secretly – i.e., asymptomatic acute heart attack at all, its just undiagnosed if the next heart attack symptoms appear.

Time looking for medical aid

Because the symptoms of heart attacks in women may not be the same as those written in the books, how do I know that you need medical help for symptoms that may be associated with your heart? The rules you have to follow are very simple – when you think the symptoms are indeed associated with the heart, visit a doctor.

Go to the doctor or emergency room immediately if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain, pressure, heat or flavor of the littlest toe on your chest, jaw, shoulders, back, or arm, lasted 5-10 seconds
  • Short of breath without a cause for 5-10 minutes
  • Irregular heartbeat accompanied by dizzy

Quick ask taken to a hospital if you experience symptoms:

  • Short of breath without a cause more than 5-10 minutes
  • Nausea, vomiting, or sudden severe gastrointestinal disorders
  • Sudden sweating without any obvious reason
  • Extreme fatigue without obvious reasons
  • Loss of consciousness or fainting, and
  • Felt very freaked out suddenly without cause

Once again, the key is to listen to your body and follow Your instinct. If you are experiencing symptoms that interfere with in any manner, which may even be associated with the heart, check with your doctor. If doctors do not bother You, this is a reflection on You, not the doctor, as well as a sign that it's time to find a new doctor, who will do whatever it is important to find the cause of your symptoms.

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