Helping Children Survive With Dilation Cardiomyopathy

Diagnosis of dilation cardiomyopathy (DCM) affects many aspects in the life of a child. The following section outlines the general approaches to coexist with this disease. It is important to remember that the specific recommendations made by a team of caring for children.

Physical activity

Children with dilation cardiomyopathy are not allowed to do competitive sports because of the possibility of sudden fainted or increase the risk of heart failure. Competitive sports are organized team activities that require training.

A child who suffer dilation cardiomyopathy and showed no symptoms of heart failure are allowed to perform athletic recreational activity which is a type of exercise that is not too spend a lot of energy in a non-competitive situation. In the case of the lighter, children can even follow the gym after consideration of children, teachers, and parents to ensure children will not experience fatigue (shortness of breath, chest pain, excessive sweating). Recommendations for certain activities to be done individually by a cardiologist.


The benefits of intellectual, psychological, and social while attending school can help children who suffer dilation cardiomyopathy.

Customize your schedule treatment so as not to interfere with the child's school activities, do a discussion of activities that are safe for children with school administrators, as well as provide additional tutoring to maintain the academic performance of children. It is important to help children stay in school and follow her colleagues. Typically, the close communication between the parents, the team medical care, and nursing schools can help children stay eager to go to school.


Every effort should be made to make people with dilation cardiomyopathy socializing with his friends. Also as much as possible participated in recreational activities when possible. However, children should avoid contact with people who are suffering from acute diseases accompanied by fever, though most children can still tolerate the disease of the upper respiratory tract (the cold) fine.

Psychological problems

Adjusting to chronic disease is indeed full of pressure, not only for children but for the whole family as well. Children's reactions against dilation cardiomyopathy usually depend on the stage of development of the child. Discussion about the disease must be adapted to the needs of the child. Child psychiatrist and child specialist is a crucial resource to help overcome this, and their service can be obtained through treatment centers.


Dilation cardiomyopathy diagnosis impacts felt by the whole family near the child. It is important for parents and other caregivers to be aware that they are not alone in feeling the burden of responsibility in taking care of children suffering from chronic diseases. Anticipate and/or prevent stress due to a disease is an important part of caring for children and families, and stewards in the Centre of medical treatment can help identify problem causes increased stress.

Practical solutions to the problems of administering medications, performing the function, as well as maintain a normal family life can usually be obtained by talking to doctors nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, and other parents who have children people with dilation cardiomyopathy.

Eating patterns

All children with DCM should follow a healthy diet. Some kind of dilation cardiomyopathy associated with an inability to digest certain types of food, and in this case, parents should consult a specialist metabolic to get advice on a special diet. Children who suffer dilation cardiomyopathy and heart failure, it is recommended to consume foods low in salt to prevent fluid retention in the body.

Some children who suffer from heart failure can not grow properly. In this case, it is recommended to consume diets that increase the levels of calories.

Children who take the drugs will experience a shortage of magnesium or potassium, therefore it is advisable to consume foods rich in these substances. Several children suffering from acute heart failure, the body will retain fluid and parents need to limit the amount of liquids drunk children to prevent fluid accumulates in the lungs.

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