4 common questions About heart disease In pregnant women

1. Whether the baby will have similar problems if I have abnormalities of the heart?

Abnormalities in the heart are the most common birth abnormalities, and the woman who was born with abnormalities of the heart of the high risk of bearing babies with heart abnormalities, said Stephanie Martin, D.O., Medical Director of the intensive care unit of childbirth and in Pavilion Children for women of Texas in Houston. If you have congenital heart disease, the heart of your baby should be judged in utero with fetal ultrasound, echocardiogram, noninvasive types of specialists.

Prenatal diagnosis will help you understand how to fix the problem and avoid any complications while pregnant or giving birth. The good news is, most conditions able to be repaired after birth.

2. Do I have to undergo a cesarean section because I have a heart disorder?

It doesn't have to. There is a misunderstanding with the opinions of the public and many physicians that cesarean section is not only important but also beneficial in patients with heart disease. In fact, it is not true. Most patients can give birth normally, and safer than a cesarean section. If the heart is able to tolerate the pressure of pregnancy, supposedly the heart can also tolerate the childbirth. When women could not straining during childbirth, doctors can help to pull out the baby with the forceps or vacuum. Most women with heart disease can receive injections of local anesthetic in the backbone if you want.

3. Is it safe to drink for heart medications while pregnant?

Most heart drug is safe in pregnancy, unless the bearer of ACE and ACE inhibitor receptors that are used to overcome high blood pressure, and blood-thinning medication Coumadin.

4. Will I be able to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is recommended for most women with heart abnormalities, even those that are currently taking the drug. Discuss adjustment you will need care from healthcare providers. Sometimes alternative medications recommended.

If you have a congenital heart problem that increases the risk of endocarditis drastically, the doctor will probably discuss the risk of mastitis while breastfeeding. Infections that include this General can take risks in these situations. Pumping and giving BREAST MILK may be recommended in some circumstances.

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