6 Heart Health Tips from a Famous Cardiologist

When you live your daily activities, you may never think about an organ that makes all this happen: the heart. The heart pumps blood to You throughout the day, and this is the hardest working muscle.

You can help him keep up the good work over the years ahead with six steps. "This is the best medicine for your heart," said cardiologist of Atlanta, David e. Montgomery, MD.

1. Sports

Does this mean we should start to join the run a marathon? It is not. You can do any physical activity that increases Your heart rate for at least 30 minutes, or even 20 minutes if its intensity is high. Do this 5 days a week.

Need some ideas? Ran. Cycling. Paddling. In other words, all the action moves you can do for a few minutes, "said Montgomery.

If you are unaccustomed to exercise, check first with your doctor to see if there are restrictions on what can and cannot do.

2. Stay active throughout the day

Sport in the gym was good. But what do you do for the rest of your day?

"If you sit in front of a computer all day, even if you run on the treadmill every morning, keeping your risk exposure to heart disease," said Montgomery.

While you're at the Office, schedule a short break to get up, move your feet and your hands, and your heart pumps.

Montgomery suggests for you to make a phone call and answer emails while standing. You can also switch the balance ball Chair Office with commonly used such as Pilates exercise, to train the muscles while you are seated.

If you routinely check out social media on a cell phone while it is resting, stand up and walk around while doing it. Important: move on!

3. Eat like the ancient people

"The type of food that is healthy for your heart hasn't changed in hundreds of years," said Montgomery. These foods are:
  • fruit and vegetables
  • whole grains such as brown rice and other complex carbohydrates
  • nuts and seeds

Do not shred its nutrition value benefits with frying or coat them with butter or cheese. This fact will improve the "evil" cholesterol (LDL) that clog blood vessels.

What about meat? You can still get it, but limit the amount and avoid fatty pieces.

"We have no evidence that vegans live longer than vegetarians, vegetarian or do live longer than meat eaters," said Montgomery. "But we know, eat less red meat and more meat and fatty fish are not the best way to optimize the health of your heart."

4. Quit smoking of any kind

You probably know that smoking tobacco makes you more likely to be exposed to a heart attack. That may surprise you is, marijuana also turned out to be bad for the heart.

"May indeed not just as bad, but definitely worse than people think," said Montgomery.

5. Learn more relaxed

Stress happens! Montgomery says, the problem is not what causes the stress, but how we responded.

When we're under stress, the body produces adrenaline that will make the heart work harder. One way to solve it is to run on the treadmill or do yoga. Sports will train the body to deal with stress.

If You've considered excessive stress, talk to someone, either the nearest person or professional counselor.

6. Break

Sleep is a time for our body to restart and recover. It is important for all aspects of health care, not just the heart. "You're not going to feel good if you have no chance of recovering," said Montgomery.

While you sleep, your blood pressure and Your heart rate slow down. This gives your heart breaks very he needed. Without rest, you will feel stress and high-calorie food cravings are not good for the heart.

Then make it sleep and rest as your priorities before you're ready to start a new day.

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