Chelation therapy for heart disease

Chelation therapy as long as it is used as a treatment for mercury and lead poisoning. This therapy is not proven able to treat cardiovascular disease and can be dangerous if used as a treatment for heart disease. Even so, some physicians and practitioners of alternative medicine have been utilizing the chelation therapy to treat heart disease and stroke.

Theory of utilizing the chelation therapy for heart disease is that this drug is used in the treatment of binding calcium in fat piles (plaque) in the arteries. Once the drug binds calcium, the plaque will be lost because the drugs move through the bloodstream.

Safety and effectiveness of chelation therapy for heart disease is uncertain, though after the largest study results conducted so far, the trial to Assess chelation therapy (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy/TACT), sponsored by National Institutes Of Health.

Both the American Heart Association or the American Cardiology University does not recommend chelation therapy as a treatment for heart disease, and the food and Drug Administration has not approved the chelation therapy as a way of treating heart disease.

How chelation therapy performed?

In chelation therapy, the dose of the drug named ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) inserted through the lapse of intravenous (IV). This medication seeks and find and bind minerals in the blood circulation. As soon as the drug binds in minerals, compounds that leave the body created in the urine.

Chelation therapy is effective in treating lead poisoning or mercury. Some doctors think that chelation therapy can begin to cure heart disease with a calcium-binding inhibitor of arterial plaque inside and remove it. No studies have proven that this process works.

What are the risks?

Some doctors worrying about the safety of chelation therapy as a treatment for heart disease. Heat sensation on the area of the injection is the most common side effects. Chelation therapy side effects are rarer but more serious that might appear are:
  • Fever
  • Sudden blood pressure decreased
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Not able to create new blood cells
  • Low levels of calcium in the blood are not natural (hypocalcemia)
Remember that in chelation therapy, medication binds not just metal and calcium in the blood but also a mineral that is an important part of the diet.

In chelation therapy, you will be given a vitamin supplement that contains large amounts of minerals are eliminated from the body in the chelation therapy. Complications rare in chelation therapy including damage or permanent kidney failure. The death has occurred in some study Chelation.

Since chelation therapy has risks that are known and unknown benefits, talk with a doctor before trying it as a way to treat heart disease.

How do I prepare it?

Before you choose chelation therapy for heart disease, talk with your doctor about all the risks involved in the procedure.

After considering the risks, should you decide to undergo chelation therapy, there is no special preparation. You will have to sit on a Chair for a few hours to receive the chelation therapy, so wear clothes best comfort in your visit.

What are the processes of therapy?

Chelation therapy is performed during 5-30 treatment with the physician or practitioner of alternative medicine. During every treatment, you sit on a Chair and the interval IV mounted on hand or arm. The solution is given through the hose. Each treatment usually takes a few hours. You may be feeling a little stung or burned on the injection area.

What can I expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, you can run a daily activity. You will be able to go home by car, packed as usual, and did household chores normally. You may notice that the ankle to swell or you urinate more than usual because a certain amount of liquid in the solution are injected during chelation therapy.

Because the solution used in chelation therapy also binds the vitamins and minerals in the blood circulation, you will have to drink a supplement after the procedure to replace it. You will drink the pills until you have completed a series of Chelation treatment. Because of the powerful supplements, follow the instructions carefully.

It is not clear whether chelation therapy was able to prevent or treat heart disease.

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