Is Breastfeeding Really Healthy for Arteries?

Young women who breastfeed may have healthier arteries the next few years, compared with mothers who give a baby milk bottle, said according to the new study.

It has long been reported that breastfeeding is the choice for healthy for the baby. However it turns out, is also good for breastfeeding mothers.

Studies show: more than 800 U.S. women who give birth at least once, that breastfeeding in the longer period, have the opportunity to experience a thickening of the artery walls when they reach middle age.

Carotid artery blood flow towards the heart artery wall thickening, and the public as a sign of early atherosclerosis, or the buildup of "plaque" plug of the arteries that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Thickening of artery walls could be seen as the vascular aging. In this study, women with the greatest thickening of artery walls especially 3-5 years older – in conjunction with the health of blood vessels.

However, there is still the question: is this indeed caused by breastfeeding?

This is an interesting study. There is a clear relationship between breastfeeding and thickening of artery walls, but the meaning is not so sure.

The researchers showed that women are breastfeeding, especially in longer periods of time, generally more slender, more educated, and more physically active – both in the young adult period and 20 years later.

The researchers took into account these factors, and still find the relationship between breastfeeding and statistics thickening of the arteries. However, it is difficult to conclude that breastfeeding was the direct cause.

Discovery based on 846 women breastfeeding who, in 1980, following the long-term cardiovascular health study. They are aged between 18 and 30 years old at the time. All women undergoing the ultrasound scan of the carotid artery in the 20 years after participating in the study.

Women who had breastfed for a month, or not at all, on average have thicker arteries wall. Women who breastfed for 10 months or more have clear artery.

Researchers agree that the discovery of the relationship rather than just show a definite causal, but suspect that breastfeeding may be beneficial in weight loss and blood pressure: when the research team calculated the weight and blood pressure of middle-aged participants, This is enough to explain the relationship between breastfeeding and health of the arteries.

"The results were consistent as we expected," said the researchers. When the woman breastfeeding, body hormone oxytocin release, which other researchers have connected with lower blood pressure.

Pregnancy is a physiological process that is very pressing, especially on the cardiovascular system and metabolism. Breastfeeding may help to "reset" the system after getting pregnant.

Even so, the biggest question is whether breastfeeding mothers actually has a chance had a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Researchers still have to continue to follow this study group to find the answer. Meanwhile, because BREAST MILK is considered the best nutrition for infants, the mothers have had reasons to breastfeed. The potential long-term benefits for the heart may simply offer "more motivation."

Researchers emphasized that women should not feel guilty if they are not breastfeeding. Some women are not capable, because of job demands. Another woman breastfeeding difficulties – in this case, they could seek assistance from health care providers.

There are many ways for women of all ages to improve heart health, such as eating healthy foods, exercise regularly and not smoking.

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