Look out! Erosion Of The Coronary Arteries Are More Likely To Occur In Women

Some this year, my cardiologist has learned that the erosion of the coronary artery or coronary artery (CAD) erosion that occurred on different womenfolk with CAD who happen to men. The symptoms that appear in women may be different. Diagnostic tests are usually used as a disease CAD can provide information that is ' wrong ' to the woman, and the main cause of the disease may be different.

While it has appeared more significant new findings to explain the difference in the symptoms of CAD in women and men.

Recently researchers have discovered the fact in the young woman, who suddenly died of coronary thrombosis (blood clots that form in the coronary arteries and can clog blood flow). Menggumpalnya blood that is fatal to this situation can be different with the man, who also suffered a sudden death.

How coronary thrombosis occurs?

Generally, the acute coronary syndrome can be caused by atherosclerosis plaque rupture. This triggered a ' gunk ' in plaque (cholesterol, calcium, blockage, cells and other ingredients) into the bloodstream that can trigger clotting.

If freezing causes the obstruction completely (or almost perfect) from the coronary artery, blood flow to part of the heart muscle supplied by that artery will not function. This obstruction can cause a heart attack (also known as a myocardial infarction), and if it happens too often can cause sudden death heart function.

The new difference in women of developing coronary artery disease

The latest discovery reveals the fact that in women aged under 50 years old (in general are in a phase of premenopausal), the occurrence of plaque rupture is sometimes not caused by blood clots.

But, instead, freezing can be triggered by erosion that occurs in the blood vessel walls.

What is the difference between a rupture (burst) and erosion (erosion)?

The difference is analogous to plaque rupture like pimples are popping up. (In fact, the material in it is not entirely the same as the existing material in the atherosclerotic plaque). However, erosion is more like a shallow ulcer – a plaque associated with erosion may be quite small, or maybe nothing at all. An erosion, such as rupture of the plaque, can lead to the formation of blood clots.

What is the meaning of this new invention?

These new findings may explain why most of the women could be riskier in comparison with men, although both have coronary thrombosis. This is caused by clots that formed due to erosion that is sometimes more dangerous than freezing formed due to rupture. Erosion is not formed blobs suddenly, meaning that the blobs can have time to grow. So, as this causes obstruction, this event will be very difficult to make it back as before.

Further, the erosion of the coronary arteries is very difficult or even impossible looks at the heart or catheterization stress thallium/testing. Thus, the erosion of the coronary arteries is still seen as another form of coronary artery disease associated with coronary artery ' normal '.

Who can have coronary artery erosion?

Erosion of the coronary arteries is a condition that is almost always seen in women who were in a premenopausal stage, and also occur in women who smoke. Thus, in addition to being a risk factor for the health of all people, smoking has become the most important risk factors for coronary artery disease erosion.

The coroner after erosion can also attack the woman who repeatedly suffered the spasms of the coronary arteries, such as the Prinzmental's angina.

Nowadays increasingly seen that the CAD that occurs in young women with different disease CAD classic happens to older women and also in men. The discovery of this fact led to the effort to get a full understanding of the differences and determine effective strategies for seeking treatment.

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