Prepare your Child for heart surgery

If the child needs to be operated on, this should be done in a specialized hospital children's heart surgery. The hospital might be already familiar to you and your child, or other hospitals might fit the needs of your child.

It is important for the child to stay as healthy as possible before undergoing surgery. During the two weeks before surgery, keep your children from people who have colds or fevers. If the child is experiencing fever or a cough during that time period, discuss with the surgical team to decide whether surgery should be postponed.

The child will be checked for counseling before surgery and be undergoing tests a week before the operation was scheduled. When the visits, might just set a time to get around the hospital. Tests before the operation include an electrocardiogram, an Echocardiogram, chest x-rays, and blood tests.

Usually, a child will be admitted to the hospital in the morning when the day of surgery or the day before. The duration of the operation, as well as the duration of the child, need to be in the hospital depends on the condition of his heart and the operation that is being performed.

Sometimes the operating schedule had to be changed due to sudden emergencies. You and your child should be prepared for emergencies other children can delay your child's surgery.

It is important for you and your child to prepare for surgery and remained in hospital. Children's heart surgery team will provide information to help prepare for evaluation before surgery, the time of surgery and hospitalization of your child. There is usually a specialist nurse or child who is specially trained and willing to answer your questions. Touring the hospital before the day of surgery can help you and your children understand what it's like living in a hospital.

To make children more comfortable in the hospital, bring his favorite toy, blanket, pillow, pictures or other items that remind children about the House. You should ask in advance about the visit hospitals and Hospital visitor policy. Generally, parents and guardians are allowed to stay in the room with them. If not, usually hospitals provide overnight accommodations for parents and carers in the hospital or in the surrounding environment.

Blood transfusion

Blood transfusions are generally needed when heart surgery. The amount of blood required depends on the procedure. All blood donors are carefully screened to match your child's blood type as well as reduce the risk of infections, such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Sometimes insufficient blood supply, so it would be greatly appreciated when family members and friends to donate their blood to replace the use of your child's blood. Can be a hard thing to give blood that You donate to the child, but if you want to find out more information about the rules of blood transfusion donor results briefing, should contact the Office of Surgeon of the heart.

Talk with children about this heart surgery

You need to know about the operation depends on the age of the child, the ability to understand, and emotional maturity. Pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, as well as other medical staff at the hospital can help explain the surgery to your child. It is very important to convey it in a simple, contain the correct information and answer the questions that children ask. If you don't know the answer, please contact one of our specialist team surgery your child to get information.

Explain to the child that he should understand there will be times when You are separated during and after surgery. Reassure the child that you will never be far away and will be back as soon as the doctor tells you. Emphasize that this is part of the operation and is not a form of punishment.

No matter how well you prepare for surgery, children sometimes angry or depressed. At the time of the case, it would be helpful to say that it is normal if you have such a feeling, but try to remind you why the operation is important and needs to be done.

You can help by explaining why operations need to be done with words that are clear and simple. Here are some approaches that can be used to talk to parents about their child's operation:

"Jantungmu is not working as it should, but it can be fixed. The doctors and nurses will help heart ye work better. Love you mom and I want this heart surgery done because that's the only way for you to feel better. "

"During the operation, the doctor will give the medicine so that you will be asleep and will not feel anything. After the operation is completed, you may feel sick, but the nurse will give you medicine to make her pain is gone. "

"Right after the surgery, you will stay in a special room and get extra attention from nurses and doctors. I can see you more often and therefore will always be. After you are stronger, you will be moved to a regular room. When you are in there, I could stay with you all the time. "

"As long as you stay in the hospital, you will meet other children who also underwent heart surgery. They will be getting ready to go home. You can go home, too, when the doctor says you can go home. "

In the operating room

Heart surgery on children conducted by teams composed of a heart surgeon, anesthesia, doctors, perfusionist, technicians, nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. While the surgeon performs the surgery, anesthesiology provides anesthesia in children and monitor vital signs.

The heart-lung machine, also known as a cardiopulmonary bypass machine to be used during open heart surgery. Heart-lung machine allows the blood passes through the heart so that the surgeon can empty your heart, make it open and fix it. Bypass machine will eliminate bluish blood before it enters the heart, pump it through a machine that adds oxygen and makes it red again, and then red blood be pumping back into the body.

After the heart-lung machine is working and the heart becomes empty, the team will give a child a drug to stop the heart pumps blood. The surgeon can open the heart and then perform the operation. After the surgeon completed perform the operation, he will shut down the heart, making the blood can fill it and the heart started pumping again. After the heart work normally, teams will turn off and release the heart-lung machine.

Some operations on blood vessels in the heart next to require no help a heart-lung machine. This type of operation is called closed-heart surgery.

Please consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

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