Whether The Enlargement Of The Heart Can Cause Death In Pregnant Women?

Cardiomyopathy that does not seems to be a major cause of undiagnosed deaths due to cardiovascular associated with pregnancy in women, as reported to researchers.

From 209 deaths associated with pregnancy during the period of 2002-2005, the researchers found that 54 women died of cardiovascular complications — and 35 women died of cardiomyopathy. About 30% of deaths should be able to be prevented if these women, who showed a sign of shifting constantly, has been treated well. The majority of cardiovascular diseases not undiagnosed until after the woman gave birth or had died.

The initial introduction of symptomatic patients and referral specialist heart content service provider might help prevent serious circumstances and the death.

The researchers checked the records of 2,147,492 births in California. Within the group, 732 women died while pregnant or within one year after conceiving, and an estimated 209 is death associated with pregnancy.

After performing a statistical analysis, the researchers determined that less than ¼ woman has undiagnosed with cardiovascular disease before giving birth — 6% suffered cardiovascular conditions before getting pregnant, 8% were undiagnosed prior to giving birth, and 8% other cardiovascular complications underwent certain during childbirth. Researchers say 37% of women who died of undiagnosed soon after childbirth — and 41% undiagnosed in the autopsy. Among women who died of cardiomyopathy, the researchers found that the women are 4 times more likely to have been taking illegal drugs than women who died not because of cardiovascular. The woman who died from cardiomyopathy is also a great possibility of obesity.

Half of the women who died cardiomyopathy age less than 30 years; the other 15% less than 35 years old. Expert medical care and public health professionals must support efforts that help women achieve a healthy weight and avoid abuse of specific substances due to the increased risk of cardiovascular complications in pregnancy.

Cardiovascular problems unresolved, especially cardiomyopathy, are the leading cause of death in the later stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

Researchers found that many women show symptoms that are generally associated with pregnancy: short of breath, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, and anxiety. The intervention can be done by doctors early on, including stricter oversight while pregnant, measure oxygen levels in the blood, adding a diuretic at the right time, and other simple things might have considerable impact.

Doctors need to remember that women can come up with a serious heart problem with symptoms that are not recognized as a problem of the heart. This also applies to the pregnancy.

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