Besides Sugar, These Are 6 Other Causes of Diabetes You Probably Never Expected


You may already understand that sweet foods and drinks are the most common cause of type 2 diabetes. Along with the advancement of science in the health sector, in fact, there are several other habits that can unwittingly increase your risk of developing diabetes.

The unexpected causes of type 2 diabetes

The following habits may be considered safe for your blood sugar. However, starting now is better to avoid this habit because it can actually make your blood sugar soar.

1. Don't drink coffee

People with type 2 diabetes tend to limit coffee drinking for fear of caffeine and sugar content can increase blood sugar. However, a study from Harvard University actually revealed that people who limit coffee drinking are at risk of developing diabetes by 17 percent.

Routinely drinking black coffee can actually help keep your blood sugar stable. However, avoid adding sugar or other sweeteners to your coffee cup.

2 Use mouthwash frequently

According to a study from the University of Alabama, about 55% of people who routinely use mouthwash twice a day for 3 years are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Mouthwashes can indeed rinse bacteria that cause tooth and mouth problems, but simultaneously these bacteria also help control blood sugar. Rinsing bacteria in the mouth is actually risky to make blood sugar easy to rise.

3. Eat high-salt foods

Most foods high in salt can increase the risk of being overweight and hypertension, the two most common triggers of diabetes. Moreover, excessive salt consumption can also affect insulin resistance which increases the risk of diabetes.

4. Eat gluten-free food

He said, eating gluten-free foods is good for people who experience gluten allergies such as Celiac disease. However, the American Heart Association found that as many as 13 percents of adults who consume gluten-free foods are at risk of developing diabetes.

People who avoid gluten tend to consume grains that contain low fiber. In fact, this fiber is very important to improve insulin sensitivity and avoid the risk of diabetes.

5. Take cholesterol statin drugs

Although often relied on as a cholesterol-lowering drug, statins also have several side effects. One of them, this drug can raise your blood sugar levels by up to 36 percent. Unfortunately, the cause is unknown.

6. Accustomed to being alone

For those of you who are used to living alone and doing anything alone, be careful about the risk of developing diabetes. One study found that the risk of type 2 diabetes increased by 112 percent in women aged 40-75 years who were not actively socializing.

Experts suspect that people who are accustomed to themselves are at high risk of experiencing depression, one of the risk factors for diabetes. So, let your family or friends drink coffee or watch a movie on weekends so you avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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